Whipped Avocado Body Butter - UBU Soap n' Bees, LLC.
Whipped Avocado Body Butter - UBU Soap n' Bees, LLC.
Whipped Avocado Body Butter - UBU Soap n' Bees, LLC.

Whipped Avocado Body Butter

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Four main ingredients go into the bowl in this recipe, avocado butter, meadowfoam oil, sweet almond oil and argan oil, and together they are whipped to perfection!  
The texture of avocado body butter is super light and fluffy, and one of our customers described it perfectly "It's like marshmallow fluff!" Avocado body butter is extremely rich so a little goes a long way! Infused only with high quality essential oils.
The benefits of essential oils are endless and have been known to improve mood, enhance mental awareness, open nasal passages, etc. Try using one of our whipped body butters for the aromatherapy benefits, e.g., rosemary can be used as a chest rub for colds or ylang ylang to improve mental calmness.
This product does not contain a preservative and is 100% natural. Do not let water or moisture enter your product between or during uses. Always use clean dry hands when applying product and keep the lid on when not in use.
dimensions: circumference = 7.5 inches, height w/cap = 2.5 inches 
weight: 4.0 fluid ounces
Ingredients: avocado butter, meadowfoam oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, tapioca starch, *essential oil/unscented.
*Lavender essential oil speaks for itself and is a customer favorite for its calming effects on mood. Lavender is a mainstay and is a welcome scent any time of the day or night.
*Ylang Ylang essential oil has a warm floral yet bright mood to it. I love ylang ylang and find that it is calming and uplifting. If you haven't tried ylang ylang, it is not flowery like a rose oil (in my opinion).
*Litsea Cubeba is by far one of my favorite essential oils. I love citrus and litsea can definitely be compared to a citrus scent. The only way I can describe this one is if you were to take all your favorite citrus fruits and put them together. I love litsea and hope you will too! Try it today and see if it is your new favorite!
*Rosemary Spanish essential oil has a camphorous aroma with very light undertones of rosemary. It is delicate and can be used as a chest rub for when you have congestion or a cold.
*Spearmint essential oil has a sweet minty aroma. If peppermint is not your favorite spearmint is a mellower option. 
For external use only.
Vegan. Phthalate free. Cruelty free. Palm oil free. Preservative free.