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It's time to get back to making!

I know it's been a while, and let me start by saying that I have missed you ALL! I've especially missed creating. After a great deal of time off, I am so excited to be back. This summer was about regrouping and focusing on family. Now that school has started and the leaves are changing, I feel my creative whims tugging at me.

I am working on making soaps and restocking the shop. As you will see, there is not a lot of product for sale right now. Please be patient with me as I bring back some of your favorites, in addition to a few new products.

I will be posting soaps and their availability dates on Instagram. As much as I'd like to think that I can make 50 batches of soap in one fell swoop (making them available all at once) I have to be realistic. Soap takes time. I make everything in small batches and each batch gets a lot of love.

Rest assured, soaps will be available in time for Christmas shopping. On a personal note, I hope each and every one of you is doing well. I have not checked any messages while I was away because I needed to do a serious unplug. Please know that I am not ignoring anyone and if you need any special orders or holiday soaps, please reach out to me direct, 307-707-8967.

I will be shipping every week. Please check the banner on the top of the website for the approximate ship date(s). I do my best to get your order out the door, whether it be myself or the neighbor (lovingly) taking your packages to town.

Well Friends, I hope you are all well. I look forward to sharing with you the beautiful creative process that takes place in my quaint soap room. Be healthy and safe this fall.

Much love. -Alisa

100% Palm Free

We are proud that all of our products are palm oil free, phthalate free and paraben free. We use 100% plant-based ingredients.


When you spend $50, shipping is on us!


Every order ships with complimentary mini bee hand soaps or a soap slice to show our appreciation.

Cocoa Butter Heal Sticks
Beeswax Cocoa Butter Heal Sticks

Back in stock!

If ever there was a perfect product, it would be our cocoa butter heal sticks. We never leave home without one!

handmade skincare

For You

We pride ourselves on crafting environmentally friendly, gorgeous skincare.

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Every part of this business, from the mission to the ingredients to the customer service to the shipping up until this bar gets in my hand - is filled with so much.


Top-notch Creative Variety! Not my first UBU purchase and definitely not my last. I love this product because the ingredients are top-notch. I certainly have my favs, but I also enjoy popping a few "New Bars" in my cart each time too. There's ALWAYS a creative variety!!!

Sarah H.

Everything Was Fantastic!!!!! Definitely 5 Stars!!!!!

Edward M.

Love that this soap (Black Swallowtail) supports pollinators! Pollinator Partnership is one of my favorite non-profits and was the draw for me to UBUSoap n' Bees. This soap is 100% natural from colorants to essential oils. I can’t wait to use it!

Alice H.

Love using Alisa’s soap! The fragrance isn’t overpowering and the lather is wonderful, not only that but the soap is so pretty. Definitely will be purchasing from Alisa again!

Lee R.

Just Beautiful and they smell good too. I needed a few bars of soap for Bridal Shower Favors, Alisa was quick to respond and sent me some Beautiful Soaps. I am absolutely sure they girls will love them as much as I do. Love these soaps

Cecilia L.


All of our products are vegan, except for those with our raw honey and or beexwax in them.

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Small Batch

We take our time creating our products in small batches, with love.

handmade skincare

We Care

100% recyclable or reusable packaging. We put a lot of time into choosing our materials.


We treat each day like Earth Day!

The impact we have on the environment from purchasing ingredients to packaging materials is important to us. We purchase from companies that responsibly source their ingredients with sustainable missions. Most of the companies we purchase from are women operated!

100% Palm Free Products

We spend a lot of time researching alternatives to palm oil to bring you sustainable products you can feel good about. We do not use any form of palm oil in our products, because we deeply care about the impact we have on the environment, and the native species that live in it.

We are not perfect!

We try our hardest to not use plastic to package our products. We use 100% recyclable cardboard tubes for our hard beeswax lotions and package our products with recyclable materials. We also like to reuse clean boxes, bubble wrap and packaging when our orders need extra cushioning.

We embrace equality for All!

We are a company that cares not only about our impact on the environment but we care for our customers! We treat our customers with respect and kindness and hope you feel the love we put into each product, handmade for you.

We Love Our Bees

We are a small family owned business and love beekeeping!

A Handful Of Hives

We manage 2-12 hives on any given year.

Natural Beekeeping

We think that letting the bees draw their comb naturally, without foundation is beautiful!

Raw Liquid Honey

When we have extra honey, we offer lightly filtered, never pasteurized honey and honeycomb!


Delectable and unaltered. We make sure we leave enough honey for our bees. On years we have surplus, we share with you!

Honey Infused

We incorporate raw honey from our hives into our select skincare products.