All orders ship on Wednesday the 19th this week! Thank you for getting your orders in by Tuesday 5 pm MST!


thank you
Thank you to all my amazing customers who take the time to review their products and keep coming back. You guys are the best!
-Alisa @ubusoapnbees
Cassandra, August 31, 2018
AMAZING!! Honeycomb
I Love honey, but I’ve never tried honey comb and OMG this is so good!!!! I literally ate a whole one by myself!!! The shipping was fast and well packaged. The flavor is so delicious, seriously just buy some you won’t regret it!!!!!
Diane N., September 20, 2018
The honey comb is delicious! I Love chewing on the bee gum! Your soap is awesome and smells beautiful! 💜🐝
Cami D., September 30, 2018
Love the variety bag! It is great to smell the differing chocolates side-by-side. The chocolates are some of my favorites; I absolutely love the smell and lather.
Ann V., October 22, 2018
I've been suffering with dry, flaky, sensitive skin and because I'm pregnant I am always concerned about the ingredients in body products. I love, love, love these natural body butters! After one use -- no more itchy legs! I ordered the Lavender, Litsea Cubeba, and the Ylang Ylang. All the scents smelled so good but the Ylang Ylang is my absolute favorite. It's a gorgeously light but a luxurious and romantic scent. My husband really likes the Litsea -- very fresh and bright smelling. The butters absorbs beautifully - no greasy residue on my clothes or lingering on my hands. I will definitely be purchasing more for myself. They will also make awesome Christmas gifts. Thank you!
Ann V., October 22, 2018
I've been looking for a face wash that would remove my makeup without drying out my skin. I've never found a bar soap that would fit this bill and was a bit skeptical about this one. Prairie Rose is perfect! It leave my skin clean and soft with a nice rosy glow. Loving this soap and would highly recommend.
Julie K., December 2, 2018
The communication is excellent. Gift Boxes
I enjoy this company for so many reasons.
Darlene B., September 29, 2018
Whipped Body Butters
Just received my second order of body butters. I love the litsea and rosemary!! Soft, moisturizing and hydrating.....all with natural ingredients!! What a treat!! If you haven't tried them you're missing out!! From the packaging to the product beautiful!!!
Darlene B., September 19, 2018
Lotion Sticks
I purchased several of the lotion sticks. I use them on my heels and elbows and just love how they moisturize!! Can't wait to use them up and try some different scents!! Every product I've tried has been amazing!!! Thank you UBU for your attention to pure products!!!
_________________________________________________________________________ Sandra B., September 18, 2018
 Unscented Whipped Body Butter
This stuff works great on my dry hands/arms. It's not greasy and absorbs quickly. I don't like strong scented lotions, so I was happy to have an unscented option. I will probably order some for stocking stuffers for x-mas!
Sandra B., September 11, 2018
 Pipevine Swallowtail Soap
This is one of my favorite soaps I've tried so far. I love the bright blue swirls of color, and the scent is just right - not too strong - very subtle.
Gayle D., September 6, 2018
 Great Product. Raw Liquid Honey
Had a great experience ordering several jars of honey, soap, and body butter. All products are terrific and shipped quickly. I love supporting small family businesses like this one. Personal service with quality product.
_________________________________________________________________________ Barbara S., September 3, 2018
 Variety Soaps
Though I haven't tried the soaps yet, just the way the packaging came made me feel special. The name and logo of the business says it all!
_________________________________________________________________________ Barbara S., September 3, 2018
 Whipped Body Butter
I was pleased with the lightness of the body butter and how silky my skin felt afterwards. Will be buying different scents in the future.
_________________________________________________________________________ Haylee K., October 12, 2018
 Smells so natural I love. Painted Lady Soap
Smells so natural I love it!
_________________________________________________________________________  Rachel H., September 21, 2018
 Island Escape Soap
This was a gift to myself. Myself is very pleased!
_________________________________________________________________________  Adam B., September 7, 2018
 Second order! Coreopsis Soap
This was my second order, great products!
_________________________________________________________________________ Julie K., September 10, 2018
 I hope you stay in business for a long time. Variety Slices
I’m thrilled with my first purchase! It felt like Christmas. :)
Donna D., September 10, 2018
 Love These for Travel. Beer Variety Bags
I love the formula of the UBU Brewed and these are the perfect size for travel and our guest bath. Another great purchase--beautiful, high quality and speedy delivery!
Monica G., September 10, 2018
 Wonderful smell. Yellow Clay
Smells incredible. Shipping was fast and bars wrapped neatly.
_________________________________________________________________________ Latricia D., September 11, 2018
 Honey comb!!!
Love the honeycomb! My daughters first time with eating the honey comb and she is in love! So light and smooth and perfect natural sweetness!! Loving my sudsy soaps as well!! Perfect to use as small gifts as well! 😍❤️❤️
Kristine A., September 11, 2018
 Love these products. Honey Love
Not only are these great products in terms of scents, lather, and how they leave my skin feeling silky smooth but also because there is no palm oil and the packaging is Earth friendly.
Adam B., September 12, 2018
Super Satisfied
Thanks again for the high quality soaps and honeycomb!
_________________________________________________________________________ Monica G., September 15, 2018 
 Heavenly scent. Steamy Soap
This soap has a fresh smell and is not harsh. My skin did not feel dry after using this product. Neatly package with a description about each individual bar.
Donna D., September 16, 2018
 Amazing Slices
The beauty slices are awesome! My skin feels like it has lotion on it right after showering! Thank you UBU!
Donna D., Septemer 19, 2018
 Raw honey
The honey is amazing! I didn’t even spread it on anything. Just eat a spoon of it when I need something sweet. Super yummy!😋
Adam B., Septemer 3, 2018
 Great soaps! Awesome Honey comb!!
My new favorite place for soaps and for a limited time...Honey! Thanks!
Beth L., August 27, 2018
We love our soaps! Prairie Wind Soap
We love our soaps! I gave 3 as gifts already! Congratulations on a beautiful product!
Kristine A., July 23, 2018
 Beautiful and Luxurious. Fritillary Soap
Love this product. Not only is it gorgeous but really made my skin feel smooth and silky.
Ilena H., July 17, 2018
 Tranquility in a soap. Tranquil Soap
Love the color and lather of this soap. The smell is fresh.
Rachel H., July 8, 2017
Easy to place an order. Daybreak Soap
Easy to place an order, prompt acknowledgment. I appreciated the tracking number as well as the follow up email that it had been delivered. I purchased as a gift but one of the bars may not leave my possession! Simple and environmentally friendly packaging. The aroma of the soaps upon opening the box was heavenly. Looking forward to future orders.
Cami D., May 31, 2018
 Silky Lather. Charred Rose
I am loving this soap! When I lather it up, it fills silky and lotion like. It has a very subtle but distinctive scent. And it is so pretty; really a work of art.
Sandra B., May 20, 2018
 Cosmos Soap
I love the subtle smell of this soap - it's not overpowering. Will be ordering again!
Kelly P., May 12, 2018
 Great soaps! Spring Wind Soap
Love the soaps, my skin is not itchy or irritated. Nice products
Sarah V., April 29, 2018
Gardener hands. Lotion Tube
I love playing in the dirt but it is hard in hands. I use this lotion before and after to keep my hand soft. Love that it absorbs quickly without the greasy feeling.
Jill S., April 16, 2018
Beautifully scented soap. Zen Lavender
I love the Zen Lavender soap. It has the subtlest lavender scent, one of my favorite scents. If you don't briefly meditate while using the soap, it will put you in a frame of mind after you step out of the shower. Coupled with a lavender-scented lotion bar, your day will sure to be a great one!
Cami D., April 4, 2018
Love the Coffee Soaps! In Between Sleep Soap
They lather up so well and have an understated, light scent.
Cami D., February 24, 2018
 Kick start for the day! Grounded Soap
I have UBU soaps lined up in my shower (because who can do just 1 bar at a time!). I use grounded to wake me up in the morning. It is not an overwhelming scent, but enough to perk me up.
Stacy A., February 26, 2018
 Love this one! Layered Soap
Layered combines the best of both worlds. A little bit scrubby but a lot of moisture!
Stacy A., February 26, 2018
 So moisturizing. Lotion Tube
Great for taking care of my hands!
Cami D., March 7, 2018
 Dark Chocolate Lover. Indulge Soap
I am in love with UBU's chocolate soaps! 'Indulge' smells wonderful (I mean who doesn't need a chocolate fix in the shower!), and like all UBU soaps, lathers up so nice. I have 3 bars of UBU soaps in my shower right now.
Sandra B., April 2, 2018
Makes Great B-Day gift. Zen Lavender Soap
I ordered several soaps as a b-day present for my Mother-in-Law and she loves them all. Her favorite is the Prairie Rose soap. She said it lathers nicely and she likes the soft scent. She really likes the lotion tube as well, and uses it every day. Ordering was easy and I was able to have it shipped to her directly. Very fast service!
Cami D., April 4, 2018
 Some Good Morning Energy! Daybreak Soap
Absolutely love the smell of this one. Citrus is so energizing. And just enough scent without being overwhelming.
Jill S., April 5, 2018
 Medium lotion tubes so convenient
These smaller lotion tubes are great for slipping into your purse, gym bag, or backpack (but don't leave them in the heat, of course, per instructions). They are great for people always on the go. I like that you don't have to worry about messy creams spilling everywhere.
Cami D., April 15, 2018
 Smells wonderful! Cosmos Soap
Love the smell and so pretty! A great soap for gift giving.
Jill S., April 16, 2018
 Aptly named soap. Indulge Soap
I just had to try this dark-chocolate colored soap bar made with Fair Trade chocolate, and it did not disappoint. It is so aptly named. I felt indulgent the entire time I soaped up. This is a great soap after a hard day, because you will feel like you are treating yourself to something sinful. You can smell the chocolate, and there is just the finest feel of exfoliant. I felt like a little kid smearing fudge chocolate pudding all over face. As with all of the UBU soaps, it lathers up so creamily that you really could imagine bathing in chocolate! I definitely recommend trying this soap.
Cami D., February 18, 2018
 Arrived so quick!
UBU gets your order sent almost immediately after you purchase. So great for last minute gift giving.
Nancy V., February 14, 2018
 Citric lotion tube
I was so pleased when I opened my package. Everything neatly wrapped and in excellent condition. I tried out the lotion as soon as I got. It has a light citrus smell and I love how it makes my hands feel. I handle lots of paper throughout my work day and my hands dry out. I apply the lotion and immediately my hands feel so soft and silky. I recommend this product and will purchase other lotion scents.
Charlotte B., February 7, 2018
 Wonderful Product!
Have used your soaps for two days and very impressed with quality of the product. I appreciate the attention and care to the environmentally sensitive packaging. Thank you!
Terry T., February 5, 2018
 Red & Black Swirl Soap
I love my new Red and Black Swirl Soap! I use it every day! The soap is high quality and it produces a nice rich lather. It is a mini spa every time I use the soap as it leaves my hands smooth and silky.
Sandra B., February 2, 2018
 Honey Comb Soap and More 
I purchased the Honey Comb, Copper and First Kiss soaps. They not only feel great on my skin, but they are very beautiful soaps as well. The wrapping was very cool and will make a nice presentation gift. I also appreciated the automatic email updates for package arrival. Definitely will be ordering more.
Pamela D., February 1, 2018
Beautiful soaps. Honeycomb Soap
Beautiful soaps.
Ben B., January 31, 2018
Great product! Heart Throb Soap
Everything about this is amazing! From the soap to the packaging to the customer service, it was absolutely fantastic! I will be back to buy gifts for birthdays, weddings and Christmas. I cannot recommend UBU enough.
Terry T., January 25, 2018
Beautiful Soaps. Light Weight Soap
I received my package from UBU Soap n Bees last night and I was so excited to open it. Inside perfectly packaged were all my soaps which were beautifully and Ecco friendly wrapped. I opened one up immediately and have been using it all day. The bar has a lovely scent and nourishes my skin. I was so happy to pass a bar on as a gift today to a friend. Thank you for the passion you pour into each bar. I love that they are clearly labeled with ingredients and I look forward to more soaps in the near future!
Nancy V., January 25, 2018
 Purple Brazilian Clay
I love this soap! I use it after taking off my makeup, it lathers up nicely and leaves my face very soft. The shipping was extremely fast, I received my order within days of placing my order online. The soaps were wrapped beautifully! I will be a returning customer and can't wait for the new products.
Carly D., January 25, 2018
 Mild & Moisturizing. Purple Brazilian Clay Soap
Love this soap for winter! It's filled with good things and great for my super dry (Chicago winter) skin. Like all UBU goods, it is also beautiful and would make a great gift. Love it!
Thomas L., January 23, 2018
 Best products and service. Grounded Soap
Top notch delivery of products ordered!
Debbie L., January 22, 2018
 Purple Brazilian Clay Soap
What a lovely treat to open this package from ubusoapnbees ! The thoughtfulness and attention to detail, the beautiful labeling, extra goodies, and personalized note were more than I'd expected. I will feel absolutely pampered using the gorgeous soap I ordered. Thank you, Alisa!
Cami D., January 21, 2018
 Smells sooo good! Copper Soap
Subtle scent, yet clean and refreshing.
Kimberly B., January 17, 2018
 Love these soaps! After Dinner Soap
I was so excited to receive these soaps in the mail. My boys loved the colors and how the after dinner soap looked like a cup of hot cocoa from the side. The soap is so soft and of course we all love the bubbles. Although I was tempted to leave the soaps on the bathroom vanity for display, due to their gorgeous appearance, they are equally amazing to use. Thank you for making these one of a kind soaps. We will surely be ordering more. 
Janet M., January 17, 2018
 Great soap!! Prairie Rose Soap
This soap was great! Left my body feeling moisturized and soft! Very pleased with this soap!
Cami D., January 15, 2018
Bubbles, Lather, and Oh so Pretty. Chocolate High Soap
Just loving all of these soaps! Can't believe how well they later up and love the bubbles.
Adria C., January 12, 2018
Love! Super moisturizing! Light Weight Soap
These soaps are so moisturizing and lather up so nicely! I even use them on my face - they are that gentle. The soap designs are beautiful and my order arrived quickly, and very cutely packaged. I love these soaps and that they have real ingredients, and will continue to purchase them!
Ilena H., January 8, 2018
 Layered soap
I enjoy this soap. The colors are fun. It lathers well. I enjoy that is unscented as sometimes you just want not so many smells in the shower. It nice bar of soap.
Cami D., January 7, 2018
Yummy! After Dinner Soap
Looks so delicious and great lather!
Adria C., November 11, 2018
So buttery! Whipped Body Butter
My hands get really dry in the winter months and this body butter is a lifesaver. It's really penetrates my skin to hydrate without leaving a greasy feeling. I have the Ylang Ylang scent and it's light and refreshing. I also feel good knowing there are only a few ingredients in it. I keep it in my nightstand and use it before going to bed. It's the perfect way to relax and unwind at the end of the day.
__________________________________________________________________________ Cami D., November 5, 2018
Lovin' the Fritillary Soap
I love this Fritillary soap! I could not get enough of the grounding Patchouli scent, and my did it lather up well. This one really seemed to lather nice up until the very last chip of soap. Hope you will be adding more of this to the shop.
__________________________________________________________________________ Cami D., October 9, 2018
Built in Exfoliation. Grounded Soap
The coffee grounds in this soap are fabulous! I use the bar of soap directly on my callouses and on my legs before shaving to get the exfoliation benefits. And of course the lather is great like all of the UBU soaps.
__________________________________________________________________________ Cami D., October 9, 2018
Silky Lather. Honeycomb Soap
I absolutely love UBU Soaps, but have been hesitant to try this one because I really like the scented products. As with all of her products, I loved the honey comb! The lather is amazing, and feels silky. When I shower, I use this soap first and then one of the scented soaps second to leave me clean and smelling good. Yes, I usually have 2-4 bars 
of UBU soaps in my shower at a time and usually use multiple in a single shower!
__________________________________________________________________________ Adria C., May 26, 2018
Best makeup remover! Prairie Rose Soap
I seriously love this soap for removing makeup! I have tried a ton of makeup removers - expensive and drug store ones - and this one tops them all. I don't have any mascara under my eyes when I'm done showering after using it. And it leaves my skin feeling so buttery soft. I will definitely keep this as a staple in my shower.
March 13, 2018, Michelle W.
My husband's favorite! Indulge Soap
My husband is loving Indulge. He says that it reminds him of his grandfather. The initial scent is very chocolaty, but the smell that lingers is of a cherry pipe tobacco - in the best possible way! Personally, I love the the exfoliation that this bar offers and the creamy butters and oils that leave my skin quenched. I have been instructed to keep this one around!
Testimonials from Facebook
Latricia D., December 31, 2017
UBU soaps are soooo beautiful and smell wonderful!! Have given for gifts and everyone has absolutely loved them!!
Pam D., January 31, 2017 
Got my naked soap today! Beautiful! Also such a beautiful presentation when I opened the box. Looking forward to receiving my lotion. Thank you Alisa!
Charlotte B., February 5, 2017
I got my soaps today (Prairie Rose and Honey Comb)...they are amazing! The packaging was so well done & I really appreciate the attention to quality and the environment. Thank you so much! I will be ordering again.
Jill S., January 25, 2017
After liking the soaps so much, I ordered two lotion tubes. My son, who is on the local high school swim team, nabbed one immediately and I have a feeling I won't be seeing it again. My last sight of him last night was him rubbing it on, exclaiming how it went on so much better than another brand of lotion bars that I ordered but that he has ignored. He also has plans for the cardboard tube when it is empty: he's going to use it make a fire starter for his many Boy Scout campouts!
I received the first of my soaps, and I'm so pleased! The soap lather feels like a creamy lotion, but rinses off like a soap: no residues, and all squeaky clean. Like no other soap I've ever used! I love the designs, and I love the humorous and uplifting messages that accompany each one. They are definitely made with love and much care.
Michelle W., January 4, 2017
I ordered several soaps from UBU before the shop officially went "live" to include with Christmas gifts. Alisa was so great to work with, offering me info on each of the soaps in her line so that I could choose just the right soap for each gift recipient - although, I don't think there is a wrong choice for anyone! I love seeing how each bar is totally different from the last - even within the same batch.
Personally, I have very dry skin, especially in the winter, so a good moisturizing soap is something I look for. These do not disappoint. Not only are the UBU soaps beautiful, with swirls of colors that come from naturally derived minerals or fair-trade coffee and cocoa, but they also offer a rich, emollient feel and lots of lather that does not come from sulfates or other harmful chemicals. The ingredients are pure and cruelty-free. The packaging is well thought out. It's totally eco-friendly, and each style has it's own stamp on the bar and individual print on the wrapper. Details like these are very important to me and make a product stand out in my mind.
Alisa has thought through every step of the process, from the bees (that she raises!!) to the oils and fragrances she uses, to the wrapping on the packages, and she is doing it all right! I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!