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Adding Chocolate to Cold Process Soap

Is there really chocolate in that bar of soap? Yes, there is. We all know that research now backs the benefits of eating chocolate (thank goodness!). We hear terms and phrases like "antioxidants", "polyphenols" and "mood boosting" when we talk about chocolate, but what about when we put it on our skin?   What is cocoa and how do we get it? Cocoa, the primary ingredient of chocolate, is derived from the cacao bean—Theobroma cacao, a native plant of the Amazon that was domesticated more than 5,000 years ago and used by pre-Columbian cultures like the Olmecs, Mocayas, and Mayans. Cocoa powder is made from the dried cocoa solids extracted from cocoa butter, which is a product of the ground nibs of...

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Spring Soap Boxes Are Here!

I had so much fun creating these Spring Soap Boxes. I really wanted these soaps to convey   All pre-orders will receive a 5% discount for early ordering. Pre-order is available until March 23rd. Once the pre-order period is up, prices will resume at full retail. Each box ships free, and will include four beautiful soap bars and a couple of free goodies just for ordering early. All soap bars are palm free, vegan, scented only with essential oils and colored with 100% natural colorants.  A note about ylang ylang essential oil. For those who are unfamiliar with ylang ylang essential oil, the best way I can describe it is that it has deep floral notes that are not overpowering or too sweet....

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Don't Fear the Beer (soap).

Recently I made several batches of beer soap. I posted a video of making beer soap on my Instagram account. A soapy friend of mine was excited and expressed her fear over making soap with beer. I felt her pain. There are so many times when I have been reluctant to do something, whether it be in soap making, bee keeping, life...because I just did not know. Fear is an undeniable factor in so many decisions we make in life. Though fear is a very good and necessary feeling that evolutionarily is designed to keep us safe and alive, I assure you, there is nothing to fear in making beer soap!  I am so sure that you will be okay...

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