Hand Poured Chamomile Salve

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Chamomile essential oil is mixed with lemon essential oil in this salve, giving off a sweet, almost sugary aroma. This chamomile salve smells absolutely amazing! Chamomile has been long revered for its calming effects when taken both internally and applied externally.

Chamomile is an ancient herb referred to as the "plant's physician," as it has been purported to promote the health of nearby plants. It is considered an analgesic and antiseptic in skincare.  

Rub this salve anywhere you may be suffering from minor skin irritations. For aromatherapy benefits or when you are feeling anxious, apply to wrists, at your temples or behind your ears. May be especially beneficial when used before bedtime to calm the mind.

Aloe vera carrier oil has been added for additional emollient and humectant properties that will create a dewey feeling on skin. Rub this hand poured chamomile salve anywhere you have a minor skin ailment or simply need a boost of moisture.

Please always consult your physician if you are pregnant or have underlying health conditions. 

-Ingredients: Chamomile Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Aloe Vera Carrier Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Chamomile Roman Essential Oil & Lemon Sicily Essential Oil.

-Dimensions: Width: 2.7" x Height: .8"

-Weight: 2.0 fluid ounces

-Containers: 100% food grade tin container. Please note that due to supply chain issues we currently have two different lid coverings, 1. Hand screw-on lids, and 2. Rolled edges. There is no difference in the size or weight of the containers, only the lid coverings. When ordering multiple salves you might receive salves with either of the before mentioned lids.




- Chamomile Oil & Aloe Vera Oil.


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