Saying Goodbye to Collection Soaps.

Saying Goodbye to Collection Soaps.
UBU Soap n' Bees, LLC.

First, I want to thank everyone who participated in the customer survey. Your input and kind words meant so much! I have read all of your suggestions and will be thinking about how to integrate some of your ideas in 2022. An overwhelming majority of you asked for shampoo bars. I have not delved into the world of shampoo bars yet but after reading your comments, I plan on doing some research into how to formulate and make them. I will keep you posted!

As the header of this note reads, I will be discontinuing my entire collection line of soap bars. This means that I will no longer be making a line of soaps for Beautiful, Beer, Chocolate, Coffee and Naked soap bars. Before I send anyone into heart failure, I wanted you to know that I will be keeping 1-2 of my most popular bars (based on reviews and personal feedback) from each collection, year round. Soaps that will be staying (as of today) are: Honeycomb, Wild Coconut, Hemp & Honey, Chocolate Coconut, Coffee & Coconut Milk, The Exfoliator, Drunken Lemon, Hoppy Thoughts, Prairie Rose & Wildflower.

All of these favorite soaps will now be stamped with my company name and wrapped in an updated label. I will always be making and adding new soaps and bringing back old soaps that were popular as seasonal/limited edition soaps. My reasoning for streamlining is to improve efficiency, maximize space for curing soaps and improve workflow.

handmade soap
Photo of Spring Soap box soaps with the 2022 updated label.
handmade soap
Ingredients will be listed in full on back panel.
handmade soap
Side panel with follow along icons.
handmade soap
Side panel with contact information.

Through the years I have tracked my best selling soaps and my slow selling soaps. Working out of my home poses many challenges but my greatest one is space. I am limited in how many soaps I can have curing and stored. Therefore, I have come to the decision to make my most popular bars and try my very hardest to keep them in rotation year round. I realize I am not the best at doing this as demand ebbs and flows! I make a lot of different products and I'm the only maker in the house. I always appreciate your patience but never mind a little push. This means, if you are in need of a product that is out of stock, don't hesitate to reach out to me letting me know you are missing it. 

If it is an item that I am keeping year round, I can put it on the top of my make list. As always, I sincerely appreciate your support through the years. I hope you feel good knowing that your purchases have supported me and my family by paying the bills, buying supplies for the business, feeding the bees, donating to pollinators and more. I love making products that make it into your hands that you love. I am always trying to improve on my products and my efficiency and welcome meaningful feedback from you. 

Get in touch with me via email at: or in the comments section below.

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