Clove Soap Boxes are here!!!

handmade clove soaps by ubu soap n' bees
clove soaps handmade by UBU Soap n' Bees
Clove Soap Boxes are now available for pre-order on the website. Click here to go straight there and get your clove soaps reserved! All pre-orders will receive a discount, FREE shipping, and FREE Samples. Order now to make sure you get yours! These go fast. Pre-Order ends on April 23rd! Boxes ship on April 24th.
What you have to look forward to (all essential oils):
1. Thieves Soap-clove, rosemary, lemon, lemongrass, eucalyptus & cassia.
2. Clove, patchouli, orange & ylang ylang.
3. Clove, patchouli & lavender.
4. Clove, orange & petitgrain.
I was inspired to make these clove soaps because of the Covid-19 outbreak and my own personal use of thieves oil to help fight germs in our home. I have been infusing a blend of homemade thieves at home and I guess I have had cloves on the brain.
If you have not read the story of the four thieves during the bubonic plague, you should look it up. It is an interesting piece of history during a pandemic. In a nutshell, four thieves went around stealing from the dead during the bubonic plague. Grim, yes I know. When the four thieves were captured and questioned, their prosecutors questioned how these men did not too fall ill. The thieves bartered with their lives to share their blend of herbs and oils they were inhaling in a mask to ward off germs.
Whether or not you believe in the healing power of herbs and oils is up to you. I personally have always used thieves oil during the flu season on myself and my family. Yes, we still get sick. It is not a cure for a kid sticking their fingers in their mouth or having them sneeze all over you. Parenting is harrowing and super gross sometimes! If you enjoy cloves though, you won't mind the thieves blend during the winter months or in your soaps!
Want firmer data? I have sighted a scientific study of cloves antimicrobial abilities here. If you find one that interest you, feel free to share it below in the comments section. 
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The cut of handmade clove soaps
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