Poppyseed & Spice Handmade Soap

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Enjoy spicy top notes of cassia (cinnamon) essential oil blended to perfection with soft undertones of anise essential oil. Turmeric and paprika *infused olive oil has been added for a pop of natural yellow-orange color, in addition to contributing to the super fat (free floating oils) in each bar; you will notice this bar will be extra moisturizing. Organic poppy seeds will help exfoliate skin and stimulate blood flow. Don't like the exfoliation? Try using a washcloth instead of rubbing the bar directly on your skin. Poppyseed & spice would make a great addition by the kitchen sink or in the shop to help get grease and heavy oils off hands. 

-Saponified: Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Avocado Butter, Sesame Oil, Apricot Oil, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Organic Poppy Seeds & Sodium Lactate.

-Colored with: Infused Paprika & Turmeric Olive Oil.

Essential Oils: Cassia, Vetiver, Balsam, Howood, Basil, Orange & Anise.

-Approximately 4.5-5.0 oz.

-3 1/16 in. wide x 2 6/16 in. tall x 1 1/16 in. deep




-Organic Poppy Seeds.


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