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Lip Balm

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These handy, pocket friendly, screw top lip balms are here to save your dried, chapped lips from the elements this winter. These little tins are filled with kokum butter to heal, avocado butter to soothe and lip friendly oils like meadowfoam, apricot, sesame and olive oil that will nourish. 
Beeswax brings all of these luxurious butters and oils together in a convenient, reusable tin, perfect for your bag, pocket or backpack. Choose from a variety of scents. Grab one of each and discover your new favorite today! 
*Biscotti - Smells like a cookie.
*Black Raspberry Vanilla - Smells like a sweet treat.
*Cookie - Smells like a chocolate chip cookie. Yuuum!!
*Honey - Smells like warm honey.
*Island - Smells like a delicious coconut drink.
*Mocha - Smells like a chocolate drink.
ingredients: beeswax, kokum butter, avocado butter, apricot oil, meadowfoam oil, sesame oil, olive oil, fragrance (phthalate free).
dimensions (with the cap): Width: 1.7", Height: 0.7"
weight: 0.60 fluid ounces (for comparison: traditional plastic chapstick tubes traditionally hold approximately 0.15 ounces)
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For external use only.