Hand Poured Rosemary Salve - UBU Soap n' Bees
Hand Poured Rosemary Salve - UBU Soap n' Bees
Hand Poured Rosemary Salve - UBU Soap n' Bees
Hand Poured Rosemary Salve - UBU Soap n' Bees

Hand Poured Rosemary Salve

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Inhale an uplifting camphorous essential oil blend of rosemary Spanish and eucalyptus, with a hint of litsea (smells like lemons). Rosemary needles have been slowly infused into the olive oil in this recipe for maximum skincare benefits. The rosemary needles have been strained out though you might see small remnants while using your salve. Rosemary extractions have been used throughout time to help treat minor skincare issues from eczema to varicose veins to dermatitis and acne.
In addition, when using rosemary, some may find relief from symptoms related to minor muscle pain issues related to gout and rheumatism and other minor circulation or muscle and joint issues. Rosemary is very popular in herbal remedies for temporary relief from upper respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis or chronic cough. If you've ever suffered from a head or chest cold, it is likely you have used rosemary in combination with eucalyptus, as both herbs have a positive reputation for naturally opening nasal passages.
The benefits of rosemary are extensive and it has been documented as one of the earliest plants to be used for food, medicine and magic! Rub this salve anywhere you feel sore or achy. Try applying to the bottoms of your feet before bed or on your chest if you are feeling congested. For aromatherapy benefits or relief from tension headaches, apply to wrists, at your temples or behind your ears for an instant calming effect. Aloe vera carrier oil has been added for additional emollient properties creating a dewey feeling on skin. Rub this hand poured rosemary salve anywhere you need a boost of moisture.
ingredients: infused rosemary olive oil, organic coconut oil, beeswax, aloe vera carrier oil & vitamin E oil. Essential oils of: rosemary Spanish, eucalyptus & litsea.
dimensions: Width: 2.7" x Height: .8"
weight: 2.0 fluid ounces
containers: 100% food grade tin container. Please note that due to supply chain issues we currently have two different lid coverings, 1. Hand screw-on lids  and 2. Rolled edges. There is no difference in the size or weight of the containers, only the lid coverings. When ordering multiple salves you might receive salves with either of the before mentioned lids. 
For external use only.
Avoid during pregnancy. Not to be used by epileptics. Please always consult your physician if you are pregnant or have underlying health conditions.
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