Hand Poured Hemp & Honey Salve - UBU Soap n' Bees
Hand Poured Hemp & Honey Salve - UBU Soap n' Bees
Hand Poured Hemp & Honey Salve - UBU Soap n' Bees
Hand Poured Hemp & Honey Salve - UBU Soap n' Bees

Hand Poured Hemp & Honey Salve

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Not for the faint of heart! This salve has a deep earthy complex essential oil blend of vetiver, fir needle and bezoin resinoid. Benzoin oil alone has a sweet, warm and vanilla-like aroma. In combination with the unrefined organic hemp seed oil, this salve will impress those who gravitate toward the woodsy and organic side of things. Hemp seed oil has gained fast popularity in skincare due to its ability to improve skin's texture thereby visibly reducing signs of aging. Hemp seed oil is also well tolerated by most skin types by adding moisture without clogging pores and possibly reducing acne caused by excess oil. 

Vetiver essential oil is a dark viscous oil that is very fragrant and has been used to help treat acne, minor cuts, arthritis, sprains, stiffness and achy muscles. It is a deeply relaxing essential oil that may help relieve nervous tension. Fir needle essential oil will have similar benefits to achy muscles and joints in addition to relieving minor symptoms from coughs and colds.

Rub this salve anywhere you feel sore or achy. Try applying to the bottoms of your feet before bed or on your chest if you are feeling congested. For aromatherapy benefits or when you are feeling anxious or depressed, apply to wrists, at your temples or behind your ears. Aloe vera carrier oil and our raw honey has been added for additional emollient and humectant properties that will create a dewey feeling on skin. Rub this hand poured hemp and honey salve anywhere you feel achy or simply need a boost of moisture.

ingredients: Unrefined organic hemp seed oil, organic coconut oil, beeswax, aloe vera carrier oil, UBU honey & vitamin E oil. Essential oils of: vetiver, fir needle & benzoin resinoid.
dimensions: Width: 2.7" x Height: .8"
weight: 2.0 fluid ounces
containers: 100% food grade tin container. Please note that due to supply chain issues we currently have two different lid coverings, 1. Hand screw-on lids  and 2. Rolled edges. There is no difference in the size or weight of the containers, only the lid coverings. When ordering multiple salves you might receive salves with either of the before mentioned lids. 
For external use only.
Please always consult your physician if you are pregnant or have underlying health conditions.