Chill Aromatherapy Roller Ball

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Hand poured with essential oils of: peppermint, rosemary Spanish, lavender, litsea and orange. Enjoy bright notes of peppermint and rosemary with subtle citrus notes of litsea (think lemons!) and orange. This is an uplifting blend that will help clear the senses and boost your mood. Filled with jojoba carrier oil, each vessel holds 10 ml of liquid and has a stainless steel roller ball with a tight fitting lid. The glass vial is sturdy and beautiful. Roll on wrists or behind ears. Can also be applied to the soles of feet or anywhere muscles feel sore or tight.

-Ingredients: Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E Oil.

-Essential Oils: Peppermint, Rosemary Spanish, Lavender, Litsea & Orange.

-Dimensions: 3.25 in. tall x 0.75 in wide.

-Weight: 10 ml.




-Minty Essential Oil Blend.


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