All orders ship on Wednesday the 19th this week! Thank you for getting your orders in by Tuesday 5 pm MST!

Special Events, Custom Skincare & More.

Thank you for your interest in working with me to design a custom order for you. From weddings to birthdays, baby showers and more, I am here to help with those very important final touches that help personalize and bring together your special event. I am here to listen to your creative ideas and will work with you within a timeframe and budget that works for you! I would love to help you show your guests the love you feel for them.  

Need a custom batch of soap or body butter for specific skincare needs? I can help you with that too. I love to personalize and design beautiful products just for your skin! 

Soaps take a minimum of four weeks to cure, so please take this into consideration during your planning process. The more lead time I have, the better I can meet your needs and get you a product you love!

Please fill out the form below or for a faster response text/call 307-707-8967 for a free quote today. -Alisa @ubusoapnbees