Frequently Asked Questions

-How fast will my soaps ship? Typically I will ship your order within 24-48 hours of you placing your order, though depending on the number of orders I have, it might take me longer to get your soaps ready to ship to you, therefore, please allow 2-3 days for your order to ship out. Thank you for your patience! I ship M-F, excluding weekends & holidays.  
-What do I do if my items are broken when I get them? Unfortunately this can happen. If it does, I will replace your broken items at no cost to you. I do require pictures though of any damaged boxes and of course the items so I can file a claim with the US Postal service. Please get in touch with me immediately so I can replace your products and file a claim.
-I live in the local area. Can I pick up my soaps and not pay shipping? Please note that due to Covid-19, I am not meeting up with customers right now. Thank you for understanding!
-What is the cost of shipping and handling fees? To ship 1-2 soaps is $5.00. To ship 3 soaps and up is $7.00. Any order over $50 will ship FREE! 
-Why do you charge shipping when so many companies ship free? The products I make are designed and made by me and me alone. I hand make everything from my soap molds, my soap shelves, design my own labels, to formulating and creating beautiful handmade, natural products. I do offer discounts and have also created a rewards program called the Bee Clean Club offering points to customers who purchase products, working toward discounted items in my online shop. Make sure you are following me on Instagram and Facebook to stay informed of discounts and flash deals. Also, there is an email signup on my home page. Email subscribers receive exclusive deals via email. 
-Where do you ship to? At this time, I ship anywhere within the U.S.
-Do you accept returns? Please note that due to covid, I will not be able to accept returns at this time. If you have an issue with your order, please get in touch with me directly at: 701-269-8967/ and I will handle each order individually. Thank you for understanding.
-Can I custom order soaps? Absolutely! Soaps make great favors for any event. Or maybe you want your very own batch of soap! Get in touch with me to start working on your custom batch today! 701-269-8967
-What are your favorite soaps? I love soaps that are both unscented and created with essential oils. I prefer a thick lotion-like lather in a soap bar. I have so many soaps in the shower that I'm thinking of building a giant soap rack for them. If I do, I'll post it. If I had to pick just one soap to use though, it would be my beer soap bar. I love the lather and the bubbles. It's hard to pick a favorite though and I find that I go back and forth between my essential oil soaps to enhance my mood and always my unscented soaps for shaving. 

-What kind of packaging do you use? All of my packaging comes from recycled products and is reusable and 100% recyclable. There are endless uses for boxes, tissue paper can be recycled as well as the sticker. The crinkle cut cardboard can get used in your garden around your plants to keep down weeds or for the kids to make a giant mess in your house with (sorry). The label is also recycled kraft paper and can get tossed in recycles as well. Of course you could take any part of the packaging and give it to the kids to color or draw on, cut up into a million pieces or just have fun with. I encourage everyone to reuse and or recycle your UBU packaging!

-Where do you get your ingredients? All of my ingredients are purchased from reputable soap suppliers, most of which are woman owned. I purchase ingredients that are unrefined and unadulterated, when they are available. When I can afford to, I purchase organic ingredients, as this is my preference. The carrier oils and essential oils I use are never diluted and are purchased in their purest form. All of my ingredients are phthalate free, paraben free and palm oil free. Almost all (99%) of my soaps are colored or enhanced with botanicals or clays. I rarely use micas or oxides in any of my soaps these days as I love creating products that are natural. Most of the botanicals I use can be found in your kitchen, e.g., paprika powder, mustard powder, cocoa powder, turmeric powder, etc. 

-Do you wholesale your products? Yes, I do wholesale my products to verified brick and mortar businesses. I do not wholesale to other online companies. Please click here or for more information or get in touch with me directly to discuss wholesale pricing. 701-269-8967

-Why no Palm oil? Palm oil comes from the palm fruit, an edible vegetable. Originally from Western African, oil palms thrive in rainforests. Most of the palm oil that is globally produced and exported comes from Indonesia and Malaysia. 

Currently, a third of all mammal species in Indonesia are considered to be critically endangered as a result of the removal of native forests to make room for palm plantations. Once the forests are demolished, the understory is burned, and the quantities of smoke emitted into the atmosphere has now put "Indonesia as the third highest greenhouse gas emitter in the world." A large proportion of palm oil expansion occurs at the expense of biodiversity and ecosystems in the countries it is produced.

As native forest is demolished to make room for more palm plantations, native wildlife like the orangutan, Borneo elephant, and Sumatran tiger are being driven to extinction. " In addition to habitat destruction, and species in peril, the indigenous people are brutally driven from their land. Civil liberties and human rights violations are daily occurrences.

You have my word. I will never use palm oil or any derivative of it in my products, because I deeply care about the impact I have on the environment.