Raw Honey & Honeycomb

2020 Honey Update: I will not be offering honey during the Fall of 2020. The bees need all their honey this year to make it through the winter. I hope to be offering honey again in the summer of 2021.
Our honey and honeycomb comes from our hives. We manage our bees organically and when needed use only FDA approved organic treatments to fight the varroa mite. Our honey comes straight from the honey bee to you. Enjoy the healthy benefits of raw, lightly filtered, never pasteurized honey. 
Remember those wax lips you got as a kid?! Introduce your little ones to “bee gum” and chew on the wax from the comb. It’s fun and delicious!! Want pure liquid honey for your recipes? We've got it! Our honey is delectable and is hard to pass up. Try some today! Don’t wait, we have limited quantities. 

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